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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Feature:
Disc 1: While on the main menu screen you may notice a dark owl on the top right of the screen. If you push to the right this is highlighted. Press your Enter button and you will receive a formal letter inviting you to Hogwarts.

Bonus Feature:
Disc 2: Go to Diagon Alley and pick the key, then go get your money at Gringotts bank and then go buy your wand (it'll take you three times to get your wand). Then, go to the main screen and go to the "classrooms" area. Go to "transfiguration" but don't click enter on it, instead just highlight it and push the down arrow. Two owls will appear below the torch. Highlight owls and click enter twice. The torch fire will turn off and you will be told that you have entered the 3rd floor corridor. The next past nearly mirrored Harry and friends journey to the stone, and along the way you'll need to answer some questions. 1st question is to get past fluffy: the answer is the flute. [Note: to skip to this part of the game, access title 82 on your remote] The next is the flying keys: pick the key in the center (it's the smallest),ighlight the 'H' on the it wrong you'll get plenty of chances to choose. The next is Snape's potion: choose the gold colored liquid in the round bottle. Once you select it you will see the Mirror of Erised with the stone in it. Select the stone and you got the 7 scenes.

Access the "tour". When you're in the Dining Hall at the section directly facing the teacher's table you will be given 3 ways to go (left, up, right). Press down and a link will light up. Hit enter and it will show behind the teacher's table the house cup points scoreboard.

Select the "tour". When the tour starts you are first taken to the Gryffindor Common Room. Once you are given the arrows to press your Left button or right, choose either direction until you are given the choice to go forward. Press down. The picture next to the fireplace will be highlighted. Press your Enter button and the scene moves towards the fireplace where you can see the picture of the Quidditch Field better and then be treated to a little information about the game.

From the main menu on Disc Two, select Hogwarts Grounds. Arrow to the right until Fang's face is highlighted. Press your Enter button. You are next given a tour of Haggrad's House. Take the entire tour. Each time you are given an arrow to move forward, select the forward direction. After the second forward selection, the screen will change to Haggrad's fireplace and the Dragon's Egg will be highlighted. Press your Enter button, and be told about dragons. Once the information on dragons is over you will be returned to the fireplace. Press left and you will be taken to Haggrad's Coat and umbrella. You can highlight both the coat and the umbrella for information. Don't miss the coat. It tells you some of the contents of Haggrad's pockets. Once all of this is finished, press your Left button and be taken to a picture of Haggrad. Highlight the picture and press your Enter button for a couple of scenes with Haggrad.

Bonus Feature:
On Disc 2, from the Main Menugo into 'Gringotts'. Press DOWN until you highlight 'the box of Bernie Botts Everyflavord Beans'. Highlight each of the four flavored beans to reveal their flavor!

Bonus Feature:
On Disc 2, from the Main Menu, access the 'Tour' option. When you are in the dining hall at the section directly facing the teacher's table, the menu will give you three options LEFT, RIGHT, & UP. Press DOWN to highlight and select it. This will reveal the House Cup Points Scoreboard behind the teacher's table!

Short Cut to Deleted Scenes:
To get to the deleted scenes you usually go through a big process. Here's the cheat. On disc 2 go to 'Classrooms', then when the class names appear use your arrow keys to highlight the 'H' on the torch. Double click the 'H' and you go straight to the mirror. Click the 'stone' to reveal the deleted scenes!

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