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Donnie Darko (2001)
(Regions: 1, 4)

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Deleted Scene and Original Trailer:
Go to the special features, then go to the philosophy of time travel, continue through the book until there is a page that has an anatomical picture with a circle on his chest, it should say appendix a. Press up, it will highlight the circle on his torso, the press your Enter button that will take you to a deleted scene from the movie.

Then continue to the next following page that has another anatomical picture that has a arrow pointing outward from his chest, it should say appendix b. Press up, it will highlight the arrow, press your Enter button than that will take you to another trailer for the movie.

Go to the "Cunning Visions" menu screen - Highlight the "Special Features" menu - Press your Riht button to highlight a new icon - Press your Enter button and you will enter a website gallery.
Reported by: Liam Harrex

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