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Die Hard (1988)
Five Star Collection (Regions: 1, 2, 4)

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Gag, Out-takes, and DVD Credits:
From the main menu on the second DVD, arrow up to the top. On the edge of the helipad, a red dot will light up (top center). Pressing enter displays the Nakatomi building blowing up and the words "There Goes Fox Entertainment"!

On disc one enter the language selections menu. From there press your Down button to the subtitles sections. From anywhere here, English, Spanish or None, arrow to the right. The picture of McClane will be highlighted. Click on it to go to the DVD Credits menu.

Go to "From The Vault" then to "Outtakes". Next, go to "The Vault" and highlight "Production Audio Only". Use the right arrow of the remote, then you will see a white handgun near McClane's head. Finally, press your Enter button and you've got the outtakes with the original music theme of Die Hard.

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