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Monsters, Inc. (2001)
Collector's Edition: BluRay+DVD (Regions: A, 1)

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Bonus Features:
Blu-Ray: From anywhere in the main menu of the special features disc (disc 2), if you push the cursor to the left, the "door" part of the menu contains different options. Four special features pop up, each one being interactive by having you flip through screen-by-screen: Employee Handbook - Flip through the Monsters, Inc. handbook and see ID cards for 18 characters, the "monster occupational safety & hazard poster," the "how to avoid injury" tip sheet, a child safety sheet, a cafeteria menu, an overview of how the doors work, Roz's tip sheet, a scare report and employee perks. Guide to "In" Jokes - Have all of Pixar's 21 secret nods spelled out for you. If you thought that the 'Toy Story' and 'Nemo' references were it, think again. Monster of the Month - The most pointless of them all, this is a single shot of the Monster of the Month wall at Monsters, Inc. There's nothing interactive about this easter egg. Scarer Cards - Check out 14 collectable trading cards for the main scarers of the film "stale gum [not] included." *Note: The same eggs is also found on the 3-D Blu-Ray set.

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