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Wanted (2008)
Blu-ray (Regions: A, B)

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Bonus Feature:
Wait for the main menu to appear, then press up on your remote to reveal a hidden 'Code of the Fraternity' option. This will present you with a screen where you have to enter a secret binary code. The password is the binary number for W which is 01010111. This will take you to a clip with James Mcavoy.
Reported by: Jeremy P

Game Extras:
Select the 'Extras' option, then keep pressing the down key on your remote until you reach the last of the extras on the second page. Finally, press down once more to reveal a hidden symbol. Press enter on your remote to view a code to unlock super weapons in Wanted: The Game.

Game Extras:
Go to the U-Control menu option and keep pressing up on your remote to reveal another hidden symbol. Press enter to view a code to unlock invulnerability in Wanted: The Game.

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