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Slipknot: Voliminal: Inside the Nine (2006)
(Region: 1)

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Nine Bonus Features:

Each rabbit hole is cued by a flickering of static and strange effects, think of red/blue like a 3D movie or glitching.

It is during this time that you enter the number 9 and enter into your dvd player of software, you have about a 5 second window. This loads a transitional effect with the relative member's number.

You know you have entered 9 at the wrong time if it loads Clown's pigeon sequence.

The member's order is given by their barcode: 8..1..7..2..5..4..3..0..6

8 : Corey

This one comes quick, after all the intro stuff has passed by.

The cue is someone running across the screen a few times.

At time 00:03:20 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 1)

1 : Joey

This one comes right after the static calling over radios when the band is standing in a room with the camera pans across. Just when the ominous scene is complete, the rabbit hole is available.

At time 00:01:00 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 3)

7 : Mick

A point will come up right some Blister footage that has a letter box (mail). Be quick on this one.

At time 00:03:02 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 3)

2 : Paul

After the demo scene of Vermilion, and the funky grayscale shifting sequence get your buttons ready.

At time 00:08:20 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 5)

5 : Craig

Have fun laughing your ass off as Steve pukes his guts up, with the "hell ya" comments. Don't laugh past your chance though..

At time 00:04:00 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 6)

4 : James

After the dog is barking and it shows some tripping stuff happening with grass, that is your cue.

At time 00:02:30 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 8)

3 : Chris

This is right after you see the spinning room and hear Danger, Keep Away playing.

At time 00:04:30 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 9)

0 : Sid

This one pops up almost right after Chris's hole.

At time 00:04:40 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 9)

6 : Clown

When you see the live Vermilion pt.2 video playing, get ready for the last one.

At time 00:06:50 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 9)

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