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Strawberry Eggs (I My Me!): Absent
(Region: 1)

Bonus Features:
From the main menu, make sure the "Staff" item is highlighted. There is a long sequence to follow here. I will just give the entire sequence, indicating where pressing Enter will give an extra:

Right (A), up (B), up, up (C), up (D), right (E), left (F), right (G), left (H), right, left (I), up (J)

A) Pre-show message. This will start the show. (Menu item 13)
B) Crashes the menu!! (Menu item 14)
C) Pioneer trailers (same ones in the menu). (Menu item 16)
D) Post-show message. (Menu item 17)
E) Start-up menu in English audio. (Menu item 18)
F) Start-up menu in Japanese audio. (Menu item 19)
G) Crashes the menu!! (Menu item 20)
H) Pioneer trailers (same ones in the menu). (Menu item 21)
I) Pioneer trailers (same ones in the menu). (Menu item 23)
J) Dub outtake segment: You -have- to see this one... (Menu item 24)

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