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Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: Leviathans (2001)
(Region: 1)

Bonus Features:
At Extras menu, select credits, click on 'EDIT' part of credits title on top of screen for preview clips (same as when booting up disk) click on 'POP' on cinram/pop text for alternative Extras menu. this menu contains submenu for some info on bubblegum vehicles and new credits screen with different picture. This was found on PC with software player (WinDVD) but it is possible to access the alternative Extras menu on standalone player with correct timing somehow, as sometimes the highlight cursor will jump back to top of menuÊ selections indicating that hidden feature is about to be found. If one gets this thing happening in main menu, reselects extras, selects and reselects credits, in credits screen the cursor is hidden (it's actually on 'POP' text unhighlighted) and pressing enter will bring alternative extra menu.

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