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The Dudesons Movie (2006)
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Feature:
Go to "Bonus Stuff." Then go to "Extra Scenes." Go down to "The Babysitters" but don't click on it. Go LEFT then UP. The "Extra Scene" title should turn green. Then hit SELECT to see the "Bottle Rocket Surprise."

Bonus Feature:
At 35 minutes and 35 seconds (and for approximately 1 minute after) hit ENTER to see the hidden "Poo Surprise" Easter Egg. It will return you to the movie after showing the egg. You can also get to this in the 'Scene Selection' by going to Chapter 18.

Bonus Feature:
In the Main Menu, select "Bonus Stuff." Then Select "Trailer Park." Then press RIGHT to highlight "B-Boy Challenge." Press UP and LEFT. The "Trailer Park" listing will turn pink. Hit ENTER to see the "Hidden Sexibition Part 2 Clip" easter egg.

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