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Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Volume Three (1995)
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Feature:
On Disc 1, go to the second page of 'Episodes' (5-8), then highlight 8. Zorak and press the DOWN arrow key to highlight Space Ghost's eyes. Press ENTER to see Space Ghost, Zorak and Brak announce the nominees for Best Entertainment Program at the 1997 Southern Regional Emmy Awards.
Reported by: Dan Carrick

Behind the Scenes:
On Disc 1 go to 'Episodes,' highlight "9-13" and press the DOWN arrow key to highlight the thing shaped like a gear. Press ENTER to see a bizarre montage of NASA-related footage and behind-the-scenes Space Ghost footage.
Reported by: Dan Carrick

Bonus Feature:
On the main menu on Disc 1, arrow down until none of the options are lit. If you then hit Enter, you will see an outtake with Andy Merrill as Commander Andy and Seth MacFarlane as Captain Kirk.
Reported by: Rachel Tulley

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