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Red Dwarf VIII - The Entire Eighth Series (1991)
The Entire and Extended Series (Regions: 1, 2, 4)

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Music Video:
On the Menu screen of disc 2 (in the lift), highlight the Subtitles & press right, which should highlight the first of the lift's buttons.
Scroll down through the buttons & press Enter when you've highlighted the 13th button. There are two rows of buttons, but just keep pressing the down key on your remote, until you reach the required button.
You should then be shown a graphic of a room, in which there is a briefcase with two test tubes in. Select the red test tube (the blue one will break, if you select it).
This will play a music video, which features guest stars Craig Charles & Danny John-Jules as themselves, & Norman Lovett as Holly.
Reported by: Adam Hunt

Bonus Feature:
To access the "Last Surprise Egg," the last Surprise Egg of Red Dwarf, put Series Eight Disc 1 in your DVD Player.
Then, go into the episode select, go into every episode. Do this three times, and then go into the main menu.
You will get a surprise!

Bonus Feature:
Click on the "Bonus Material" button, and it'll take you to the bonus material area. Before it reaches there, however, it will pause before a door. Select enter when it's paused, and it'll take you to the Interview Smeg-Ups.

Bonus Feature:
This is a great egg! Go into all the episodes ten times, and then go into the main menu.
You will get a surprise!

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