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Masters of Horror: Stuart Gordon - Dreams in the Witch House (2005)
(Region: 1)

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Special Internet Access:
From the Main Menu you go into the 'Extras.' From 'Extras' you go into 'Trailers.' Highlight Main Menu. Click RIGHT and a tureen shows up. Click ENTER to discover a secret code and instructions to go to http://www.mastersofhorror.net. On the website click on the Bloodshed link in the bottom right. In the Bloodshed link, on the shelf between the fridge and the window, is a book, the Necronomicon, CLICK on it. A Pop-Up [Drop-Down?] invites you to tempt fate and to ENTER your secret code to unlock a secret activity.

That activity? You can write and submit an alternate ending to one of the Masters of Horror shows. You can win prizes [a portable DVD player and 25 Anchor Bay DVDs]. If you CLICK on the link for the Official Rules, on the 'Drop-Down,' a Pop-Up with the rules appears, and if you scroll down at the end is a list if all of the secret codes for the different DVDs. Different items in the Bloodshed correspond with different shows and when CLICKED upon produce the appropriate 'Drop-Down.' Have fun!
Reported by: Bruce Lamesse

(1) Got to Extras
(2) Highlight Main Menu
(3) Press RIGHT this will light up drawing of the Rat
(4) Press ENTER

Reported by: Wisehart

(1) Goto Audio Setup
(2) Highlight Main Menu
(3) Press RIGHT this will light up a drawing of a Devil
(4) Press Enter
Reported by: Wisehart

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