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Hardcore Homecoming (2005)
(Region: 1)

Bonus Feature:
On Disc two, under the Bonus Footage, highlight "Fan Cam:Terry Stuck in Barbwire" then hit right. Instead of going the the next item "Fan Cam: Sabu stuck in Barbwire" the cursor disappears, hit left and a yellow "H" should appear. CLick that to see a hidden extra story by Joey Styles about his wife and some breasts from a certain PPV.
Reported by: kmsbean

Bonus Feature:
At the Main Menu, highlight "Arena Tour." Press right. An "H" should appear. Press enter. for an extended New Jack pre-show promo.

Bonus Match:
From the Main Menu, go in to Bonus Matches. Highlight "Shane Douglas vs Justin Credible." Press the left arrow key. An H should appear. Press enter. The match is Axl Rotten vs John Kronus from a XPW show.

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