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Red Dwarf - Series 7 (1990)
(Regions: 1, 2)

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Behind the Scenes:
Egg: On Disk 3
1. Highlight "Subtitles"
2. Go LEFT - A red button on the control panel will light up. (this is a false lead)
3. Go DOWN - The lower light will be selected.
4. Push ENTER - This will put the Bazookoid in your hands and a light will appear on the side.
Press your Enter button to fire the Bazookoid. This will blast open the door to the Gaming Suite where you will see a short sample of Chloë Annett's audition for the role of Kochanski.
Reported by: Jake Tritt

Bonus Feature:
Repeat steps 1-4
Once you have the Bazookoid in you hands and the light on the side is lit, press your Down button to select the other light on the side of the Bazookiod. Press your Enter button. This will get you back to the Gaming Suite to see a mock-up of a movie trailer that doesn't really exist.
Reported by: Jake Tritt

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