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Lost - The Complete First Season (2004)
(Region: 1)

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Alternate Scene:
Insert Disc 7: Bonus Features
Choose: Deleted Scenes.
Choose: "The Climb", push press your Select or Play button(Not actually required to see the egg but it will not be as funny without it.)
Choose: "The Climb", press your Left button three times. The first two will get no response. On the third a dot will appear on the screen, lit up as a selection.
Press yuour Enter button
You will see a hilarious alternate version of the end sequence of "The Climb".
Reported by: James Hay

Bonus Feature:
Disc 2
- From main menu, choose "episodes"
- The cursor should be at "White Rabbit"
- Cursor up once to go next to "Main Menu"
- Hit right once, to move cursor
- Press enter, the message will iterate from 17294531 to 17294535

Bonus Feature:
Disc 2
- Go into the "Episodes" section
- highlight the Main Menu selection
- Press right and a dot will appear to the left
- Press enter to listen to the French Woman's distress call

Alternate Credits:
Disc 7
- From the Main Menu, hit up or down until "Tales From the Island" is highlighted
- Press left, cursor will go next to "Disc 7"
- Hieight=19 border="0" /> Alternate Title:
Disc 7
- On the main title screen, keep moving your DVD cursor to left until you see the dot show up next to Disc 7
- Hit enter to see an alternate title sequence

Behind the Scenes:
Disc 7
- Select "Tales From The Island"
- On the next screen highlight the "Main Menu" entry
- Press your Right button twice to highlight the hatch
- Press your Enter button and you can watch the shooting of Locke's "orange smile" scene

Go to the main menu on Disc 6 (the one that shows the plane in the tree). This is going to take some patience, but let the menu loop for about 7 or 8 times (maybe less). At which point the camera tilts down, following the plane as it falls out of the tree and hits the earth.
Reported by: Jaclyn

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