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Tommy Boy (1995)
Holy Schnike Edition (Region: 1)

Behind the Scenes:
On Disc 2, click on "TV Spots" and then click right while your cursor lies on the "Foundation" heading. Click on the smiley face to see a 3-minute clip involving Farley, a revolving door, and some improvisational skill.

Behind the Scenes:
From the "Alternate Takes" menu, click down to where it says "Additional Scenes" and click left. Then click on the smiley face to see 1.5 minutes of Spade hitting Farley in the face with a block of wood.

Behind the Scenes:
On disc 2, click on "Featurettes" and scan down to where it says "Main Menu". Click to the left and then click on the smiley face. This brings you to a 2-minute clip of footage that shows Mr. Farley being a really sweet goofball to the on-set stuntmen, the hair stylists, and his loving mama.

Behind the Scenes:
Go to the "Deleted Scenes" section, click down to where it says "Additional Scenes", and then move to the right. A smiley face will appear, which deliver 2.5 minutes of David Spade and Chris Farley joking around between takes.

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