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L4yer Cake (2004)
Two-Disc Edition (Region: 2)

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Bonus Feature:
1) Let the main menu title sequence play through twice. As the sequence plays through a third time a small circle with the letter "e" appears to the right of the "Play Movie" option (not sure what the significance of the letter "e" is in relation to this drug related movie! - easter egg maybe). The "e" will disappear and appear with each following alternative title sequence.
2) Highlight the "Play Movie" option and press right to highlight this "e" and press enter.
3) Each time you select this option you will get one of the "Golden Rules" of making a deal from the movie.
Reported by: antburn

Production Art:
1) From the main menu select the "Subtitles" option.
2) On the subtitle menu press your Up button until the cake on the table is highlighted yellow.
3) Press your Enter button and you can access the artwork gallery.
Reported by: antburn

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