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Seinfeld - Season 4 (1993)
(Regions: 1, 4)

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Behind the Scenes:
Put in disk 1 and go to "Extras" highlight "Inside Looks" and then hit the down arrow and you will see a yellow birthday cake. Click the cake to reveal the cast on the couch singing "Happy Birthday".

Behind the Scenes:
Put in disk 3 and go to "Extras" highlight the word "Episodes" on the right side and then press your Up button and the napkin will change color to yellow. Click to reveal a story of when Julia parked in Tom Arnold's parking spot.

Bonus Clip:
After playing the parking space clip repeat the following: On disc 3, select the "Extras" option and on the right side of the screen highlight "Episodes" then press your Up button again. This will highlight the image on the garbage. By selecting this it will play a hidden segment called "Much Ado About Nothing" in which Julia encounters a problem with someone.
Reported by: Cam Liske

Behind the Scenes:
On disc four go to the Episodes Menu when there highlight "Extras" and press your Up button to highlight "No Oil" symbol. Press your Enter button to see 30 seconds of hidden behind the scenes material.
Reported by: Dan Kinem

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