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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)
Two-Disc Special Edition (Region: 1)

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On Disc One, move the cursor to the "Starz on the Set" item, and press your Up button. An arrow inside the ship map will appear. Select it, and you will see outtakes featuring Wes Anderson putting Bill Murray through his paces.

Bonus Feature:
Move the cursor up until an arrow appears next to "The Criterion Collection". Select it, and you can view a video introduction to the DVD from Antonio Monda.

Bonus Clip:
On disk 2, the special features disk, highlight the option for "Mondo Monda" and press the "Left" button on your remote. You will see a small arrow directly below the Mondo Monda text. Press enter and you will see a short 30 second or so clip of Albert hitting a golf ball at the cameraman, and everyone around him in hysterics.

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