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AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004)
Two-Disc Extreme Edition (South Korea) (Region: 3)

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Alternate Menu:
When you see the "Attention" screen, enter one of the codes with the use of your DVD remote control's keypad.
the Enter button '1' for Alien sacrificial chamber background
the Enter button '2' for Predator background; wrist-panel computer
Reported by: Pat Pilon

On the second disk, go into the "Pre-Production" menu, highlight "ADI Workshop" and press your Right button. You'll get a little face-hugger appearing. With this, you'll get Tom Woodruff, Jr. (the Alien actor) talking about his acting to an old guy and some behind the scenes stuff for about 9 minutes. Really funny.
Reported by: Pat Pilon

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