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Shark Tale (2004)
(Region: 1)

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Interface Short-Cut:
First go to "Dreamworks Kids" menu press your Enter button. Once in there find in the menu "Rock the Reef" press your Enter button. Click on "Sykes Jukebox" go all the way down were it says "More>>>" then press your Left button. The belt buckle of Sykes the puffer fish will light up press your Enter button. This will jump to the feature about the different types of fish.

You can reach the same hidden feature using a different route. From the DVD's main menu and select the "Special Features" entry. Select "More" on the following screen and then highlight the "Special Features" menu entry on the next menu screen. Press your Right button now and you will see stars appear on top of the sea horse, which will give you access to the "Meet The Cast" section as well.

On the DVD's main menu highlight the "Scenes" menu entry and then press your Left button. This will highlight the "No left turns" sign. Press your Enter button and you will get to see the color script of the movie. It features many color storyboards from the movie as you go through the story using your remote's directional keys.

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