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In the Mood for Love (2000)
Special Edition (Region: 2)

Bonus Feature:
Bit of a complicated one this, but worth it in the end. There are two ways to find the hidden menu on this disc. The proper way is to complete a game of Majong on the "Special Features" disc. Once you win you'll get a web address for you to go to where you will have to fill a form in to get to the egg.

The easy way is to play any special feature which will allow access to your title button on your remote. your Enter button title 6 and when it starts press menu to take you to the extra menu page. Please bear in mind that this menu page is only in french and will subsequently change the rest of the "Special Features" to french as well. You will have to eject the dvd and put it back in again to reset back to english.
Reported by: Shaun Marshall

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