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Land of the Lost - The Complete First Season (1974)
(Region: 1)

Each one of the three DVDs in the set contains a hidden feature and to find it go to the 'Episode Index' on the disc. Select the episode 'Downstream' on disc 1, 'Possession' on disc 2 or 'Hurricane' on disc 3 and on the following screen select the "Scenes" menu option. This will give you access to the chapter stops of these episodes. Now, press your Down button until the title of the episode is highlighted and turns green. Press your Enter button now and you will be able to see interview clips with the show's writer David Gerrold.
Reported by: RonnyGreen

Disk 2 - Additional egg for the episode "Skylons" accessed in the same manner as the other three.
Reported by: KEP

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