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The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
(Region: 1)

Game Rewards:
On the main menu you can see four space ships moving around the screen, and a targeting selector moving from ship to ship. Press the 'Right' arrow button and your pointer will become a targeting scope. Move the scope over one of the ships as it's highlighted by the selector and press your Enter button button. With three of the four ships, you will be treated to a slide show of stills and promotional art. The fourth ship will play a clip of Captain Tylor playing a VR 'Whack-A-Mole' game. The slide shows are different for each volume of the box set, but the 'Whack-A-Mole' clip is always the same. Keep a close eye on each of the ships, as one of them is repeated in the targeting sequence before all four have been selected.
Reported by: J.KevinWells

Bonus Feature:
Another hidden feature that can be found on all discs is located in the 'Bonus' menus. Go to the 'Weblinks' section in these menus and then press the 'Up' arrow on your remote control to highlight the logo for the Tylor web site. Press your Enter button button and you will be treated to 'clean' versions of the original opening and closing credit sequences, without the credit text and the original 'eyecatch' (the sequence played before and after commercials) with 'Tylor' misspelled as 'Tailor'.
Reported by: J.KevinWells

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