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First Blood (1982)
(Regions: 1, 2)

Animation Reward:
Through the Trivia Game in the Bonus section of my Rambo First Blood, and it's different from the one you have posted. The title is 'Rambo First Blood Part II' written at the bottom, with 'Stallone' written at the top. Anyway, if you get the trivia questions right, you get to see a cartoon Rambo putting on a red piece of cloth around his head. Anyway, the answers to the questions are…

1. B 'First Blood II: The Mission'
2. C 'Rocky IV'
3. A 'Cobra'
4. C 'Tires'
5. A 'True'
6. C 'over $300 Million'
7. D 'Best Effects, Sound Effects Editting'
8. A 'True'
9. A 'Fifteen Giant Palm Trees'
10. B 'War and Remebrance'

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