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You're Under Arrest - TV Series
(Region: 1)

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-When the main menu comes up, push the right arrow so that the "trash can" is highlighted.

-press your Enter button

-a phone / keyboard comes up and asks you to enter the 7 digit code to unlock the Easter Egg

-highlight and press your Enter button on each of these numbers: 8675309 (yep, a reference to one of our favorite 80s songs)

-then the Easter Egg unlocks and plays, it's a quick montage of the favorite scenes from Box Set 1 as specified by us (the production team) that worked on it (note: there's one quick scene that gets repeated over and over between other scenes that's kind of amusing)

After paging through the first color slide show, you'll get another keypad. Enter '2112' to access three slides of before and after promotional artwork.

After paging through the second color gallery and entering code 1999, you get three more before and after pics, but these seem to be scenes from the show instead of artwork.

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