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The Day Today (1994)
(Region: 2)

Bonus Feature:
Select Episode 3 and press your Enter button.

Wait a few seconds after it starts and press the button on your remote to change angles (different remotes,different buttons)

It should change to angle two and you are treated to a man and a woman alternately popping up and explaining whats going on on the screen.

For instance "This is Chris Morrisi浬R忧u簼B炕m馎玳I{窮e on Chris, he's talking about police"

Not the most conventional of extras, but well, it IS Chris Morris.

On Disc Two. If you select "Extended Scenes". Highlight from the "Back" on that menu and press your Down button. You should highlight the top of the line at the top of the screen. Select it. You have just found an interview with Mark Radcliffe from 1994.

In the 2nd disk go to the mini news clips. Go to the 4th clip and then press your Up button. It will now have a red dot on the Day Today title. Select this and you will be presented with 'Bushisms' from an CBN Live news show (that is Bush with his famous mispronounciations).

Audio Clip:
When you go to the Extended scenes go to back and press your Up button and then select and you'll be presented with a radio coverage of Steve Coogan talking about The Day Today.

Audio Clip:
If you go to the Pilot episodes just go to back, press your Up button and press select (I think) and you'll hear audio of Alan and Chris talking about how Kennedy was killed by a umbrella and Princess Di's limo had no air bags because they were removed by conspirators! The little worlds will show Alans instead of the news crew.

Audio Clip:<琼諌(贄⺶柘s躒G@幍W痬odes" and then press your Up button and then back to the main menu then you'll hear audio another audio from chris and Harahan Haranan

Bonus Clip:
Load up the second disc and select 'Mininews'. Wait until the Newsdancer has stopped frolicking about (you may laugh while this is happening).

Press the right directional button to get to the number four and press your Up button. An invisible red circle will appear in the top left - select it.

This is an edited sequence from George Bush's annual Congress address - including lines such as 'Saddam Hussein has tried to purchase four million hydrogen powered doctors, and the western wall of the Pentagon', and 'Our first aim is to show utter contempt for the world'.

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