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Predator (1987)
Collector's Edition (Regions: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Bonus Clip:
1. Go to predator special fx

2. Press your Down button til the main menu is highlighted

3. press your Left button %:GDF<:re will be an icon highlighted, press select this will show a short feature on a practical joke

Behind the Scenes:
- Insert disc two

- Go the photo gallery

- Cycle through to the sixteenth photo (a shot of Hawkins with his glasses on his head)

- Use your remote to highlight the predator targeting triangle on the right hand side

- Click on it to get an hilarious hidden documentary about the cast all having to run to the toilet between shots after drinking Mexican water!

Bonus Feature:
On Disk 2 from the main menu do as follows:

1.(your Enter button) Inside the predator

2. Select the first featurette

3.Press up (you should see the laser cursor move up into an empty space near the page title)

4. Press your Enter button and another featurette on Jesse Ventura will begin.

Disk 1

Go to "Special Features" highlight dvd rom press your Left button on the remote goes to an open space then press your Enter button gives you an Interview with John McTiernan on learning film

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