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Incubus: The Morning View Sessions (2002)
(Regions: 1, 4)

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Bonus Feature:
1) When you first put the DVD in and let it start up, the majority of the collage is blank.

2) Push the down key on your remote until you reach the last menu item "at the concert"

3) Press down again and the yellow star that Chuck is on will turn white [it was yellow and is right next to "at the concert"

4) Press the selection button

Bonus Feature:
1) On the main menu, press the down button until you reach "living on morning view" [above Chuck's head] and press the select button

2) Keep pressing the right key until you reach "Red room Trip" [right next to "circles jam"] and select it

3) Notice on the laptop [a Mac I believe ;-)] you see a scene from another Incubus DVD [When Incubus Attacks Vol II] where Brandon and Jose are on the tour bus, as well as other footage

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