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From Dusk 'til Dawn (1996)
Collector's Series (Region: 1)

On the RC 2 DVD of "From Dusk till Dawn" (the FSK 18- Version), you can find a Picture of the "From Dusk till Dawn 3: The Hangman' s Daughter".

Go to "Inside From Dusk till Dawn".

Go to " The Trilogy"

Go to Page 3

If yu click on "Menu", you will see a little picture of the title from "FDTD 3", but just a few seconds.

When starting up the dvd, wait through all the long and tedious company logos, and don't press any buttons, let it play and when it says "touchstone home video" it will start to play a quite long Pulp Fiction Trailer, followed by the 2 trailers that can be accessed in the sneak peeks section of the DVD.

if you press anything it will take you to the From Dusk 'til Dawn Play / Main menu" screen

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