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David Blaine: Street Magic
(Regions: 1, 2)

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Levitation Trick Revealed:
Keep the Start screen on for approximately 5 to 10 minutes and short scene of another one of his "levitation" tricks will be revealed.

Bonus Clip:
Go to the Archives screen and push the right arrow button. A heart will appear on Blaine's forehead. Select it and you will see a quick 50 second clip of him practising for a 100 foot fall by bouncing on a trampoline and jumping from a high tower from 60 feet.

Card Trick Lesson:
Go to the Archive screen and don't touch anything…after a while (a couple of minutes) David's eyes will open and he will tell you to get a deck of cards…after which he walk you through a card trick.

DVD Credits:
When the DVD gets to the main menu do to set up. Then go to the bottom of set up where it says the main menu.Instead of pressing OK on the main menu press your Right button.A heart in the bottom right hand corner will light up.Press OK and you will get credits for the DVD.

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