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Oasis: Definitely Maybe
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Clips:
On Definitely Maybe disc one. As the album is playing on screen on the right you have the promo the left you have the live stuff and above is the doc

but on some songs if you press your Down button you get a easter egg (or more stories)

as i said before its only on a few songs (i forget now which songs it works on and the ones it doesn't but try it with every song)

but my best one has to be with married with children go on it press your Down button and there's a little thing about guigsy

I would advise every Oasis fan to listen to this little doc on him but when you see a letter come on screen pause it and read (its a small letter and it will explain why he wasn't on the documentary)

Sad Song is supposed to be on there and it is its like on the hindu times cd after definitely maybe has finished wait for a few minutes and then Sad Song comes on and there is a live performance of this song by Noel on the later show

during that 'wait' between Married With Children and sad song…… Press down - you get Wibbling Rivlary

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