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Get A Life - Volume 2 (1990)
(Region: 1)

More David Mirkin interviews-On the main menu, click down to highlight 'special features, then press your Right button to hear Mirkin talking about how they got the R.E.M. song. Also, on the chapter pages for the individual episodes, easter eggs can be found revealing Mirkin talking about those specific episodes. For 'Zoo Animals on Wheels', highlight the chapter one screen, press your Left button, then up. The word 'Zoo' will highlight. For 'The Big City', highlight the chapter four screen, press your Left button. The words 'Wallet Boy' will appear on Chris's t-shirt. For 'Neptune 2000', highlight the chapter six screen, press your Right button, then click down. A snorkel will appear on Chris's face. If there is an easter egg for the 'Marriage' episode, I haven't been able to find it.

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