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Futurama - Season 3 (2001)
(Regions: 1, 2, 4)

Behind the Scenes:
On the first disc, on the "A Tale of Two Santas" menu, highlight "Play Episode", then go right, and the frame around the still picture will highlight. Click for a table read of the episode.

From the "A Tale of Two Santas" the main menu, press your Right button to highlight the mini-screen with a candy cane pattern.
Reported by: Amy Flower and Laurel Parshall

Bonus Feature:
Found at the beginning of "Amazon Women in the Mood", anybody wondering just what the hell this mysterious copyright screen actually says should press '3' and '5' on their remotes…
Reported by: Amy Flower

Bonus Feature:
From the "Amazon Women in the Mood" menu on disc one, move left to highlight the mini-screen.
- Press your Enter button for innumerable unused captions as found at the beginning of each episode.
Reported by: Amy Flower

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