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Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)
Ultimate Edition (Regions: 1, 2, 4)

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Various Bonus Features:
The hidden alternate version is 156 minutes. It contains the Future Coda ending and the cut of the movie is the special edition. To get to this third cut of the movie, click on "Special Edition" from the main menu. Highlight "Play Special Edition" and press 82997 on your remote. The words "The Future Is Not Set" will appear in the right hand portion of the setup screen and the left eye of the Terminator will light up. Now you can click on "Play Extended Special Edition". If this does not work try 8 enter 2 enter 9 enter, 9 enter, 7 enter to achieve the same effect. Or, press title 3 and it plays the hidden alternate version.

Disc 2 - On the "Teasers and Trailers" page, navigate your cursor to the bottom-left of the screen for a next page icon, which is hard to see. Select it and you will get a page of Japanese teasers and trailers.

Disc 2 - You can access 3 different actions by highlighting the Data Hub. While highlighting the Data Hub after about 30 seconds the square to the left will turn to static quickly highlight the square and press your Enter button. There are several different actions including a "Join The Resistance" Letter from John Conner, a Swelltone Trailer with a bust of Beethoven which breaks in half showingUK]R5E"E{ 38ccasionally the T-1000 will show up to tell you to "Get Out". Try going to different levels then return to the I for the different actions

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