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Independence Day (1996)
Five Star Collection (Regions: 1, 2, 4)

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Various Eggs:
On the second disc go to "The Console". Move right one time to highlight the light above the disk drive. Press your Enter button and the ship will be activated. The computer will give you the access code. Go back to the main menu and press 7, 4, and your Enter button. You will then move into the ship and see a hidden menu.

Menu includes:
1. Audio Layer Demo - you can switch between full audio mix, dialogue only, effects only or music only.
2. Random Explosion Playback
3. Random TV News Clips from different countries about the invasion
4. Disc Credits (on the top right corner)

Once inside you can enter the code 73 and 72 to access more hidden features (Easter Eggs within Easter Eggs!) the Enter buttoning 73 allows you to view all of the TV News Clips (22 in all). the Enter buttoning 72 allows you to view all 12 of the special effects sequences. If that doesn't work, try this: type "7" instead of "73" and "6" instead of "72". (Alternate version sent in by Incubus)

Side Note: On some remotes you'll have to press the 10> (or 10+) button to enter in the codes.