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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)
Special Edition (Regions: 1, 2, 4)

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Disc 1: Go to "Special Features" then to the DVD-ROM content section where you are told "if you insert disc 2 you will find…". Light up the triangle the lower right then push up twice. A Kanji character will light up. Hit select and it will show some 3D models of Dr. Aki.

Also in DVD-ROM Content ensure the yellow triangle (back button) is selected and push up twice.This will make a Chinese style symbol appear. Press your Enter button for a sexy picture gallery of Aki.

Disc 2: Select the "Highlights" Menu and press your Enter button on your remote. Select "Vehicle Scale Comparison" (press your Enter button). You will then see images of 'Bandit', 'Black Boa' and the 'Quatro'. Bandit should be highlighted. Press down once and then press your Right button twice on your remote. A blue star in a circle should then appear. Press your Enter button and a 2 minute clip of stills featuring sketches from the artists of other vehicles from the movie will play.

Next, on page 2 of the "Highlights" Menu press your Down button on your remote until you reach the triangle with the circle around it and then press your Right button twice to highlight the small video image, you can then press your Enter button to see "Thriller" as performed by the cast of Final Fantasy. This one is not much of an egg since it is mentioned on the back of the dvd case but some may not be able to find so easily.

On the main menu make sure "Play Documentary" is highlighted then press on your remote left and then up.You will then see a Chinese symbol appear in the left lower animated rectangle. Hit enter when the symbol appears and you get to view a grey model of Aki's head.

After you view that (still on the main menu), highlight the "Highlights" Menu and press your Right button and then down and you will see a radioactive symbol appear in the lower right rectangle. Click the symbol and you will view storyboards for a scene of Gray and Aki going out to dinner for a date that was cut from the story of the film.

Go to the "DVD-ROM Features" selection inside the "Highlights" Menu. When you select the "DVD-ROM Features" make sure that the yellow triangle (back button) is highlighted in the bottom left hand corner. Then press on your remote up and then right and you see a blue ball symbol with yellow dots all around it appear. Click it and you will view the storyboard of the end of the movie, where the Earth's Gaia rises to destroy the Phantom Mother.

Within the "Highlights" menu, select"Character Files". On the next screen there is a yellow triangle in the bottom left corner that returns you to the main menu. While resting on this triangle, press your Right button then left. A symbol will appear. Press select on this symbol to see some additional storyboards.

Within the "Highlights" menu, select "Vehicle Scale Comparisons". The same triangle will pop up. Rest on it then press your Right button right. Another symbol. Press select to see some extra vehicle designs.

Within the "Highlights" menu, go to the second page of listings and go to DVD-ROM content. Our friend, the yellow triangle is back. From that press your Up button and right and another symbol pops up. Select it to view some very early sketchwork.

Also within the "Highlights" menu, there is a small symbol on the bottom right corner of the second page of listings. Go down to the bottom and right to make it light up. Press select to view an extremely funny surprise clip.

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