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Cleopatra (1999)
(Region: 1)

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Game Spoiler:
To successfully complete the game you must find 9 items cleverly hidden within the menus. The following is a detailed breakdown of the order and location of each item. 1. The Royal Scepter: Timothy Dalton, bio page 2. 2. The Cat of Bast: Robert Halmi, Jr., filmography page 2. 3. The Jar of Anubis: Leonor Varela, bio page 3. 4. Imperial Staffs: Rupert Graves, bio page 2. 5. Rings of Isis: Billy Zane, filmography page 3. 6. The Band of Osiris: Stephen Herrington, filmography page 1. 7. The Sacred Scarab: Robert Halmi, Sr., bio page 3. 8. Eye of Horus: Franc Roddam, bio page 2. 9. Cleopatra's Coin: Production notes page 5.

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