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Fringe - The Complete Fourth Season (2011)
Blu-ray (Region: A)

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Deleted Scene:
After starting up the disc, choose "episodes" from the main menu and then select episode 15: 'A Short Story About Love.' When the episode is highlighted press the cursor on your remote to the right; this will bring up a yellow orb that will show a deleted scene from the episode.

Deleted Scene:
After returning to the menu, select 'A Short Story About Love' again and press the right cursor twice to bring up the second deleted scene.

Deleted Scene:
'Loss' Episode 415: 'A Short Story About Love' Scene 03 - A short scene that serves to offer some context to the killer's victims in the episode.

Deleted Scene:
'Fading Memories' Episode 415: 'A Short Story About Love' Scene 26 - Olivia and Walter discuss the unforeseen consequences of the alternate memories overwriting everything she "knew" to be true.

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