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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
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Behind the Scenes:
Go to Blu Ray bonus and hit enter BONUS FEATURES (Legends of The Stranger Tides) and press right -> and you get to see short clip (2:25) talking about the "Magic Hour Shot."

Behind the Scenes:
Still stay on the Bonus Feature and continue to press down. You will see the the Feature, In Search of The Fountain, but do not press enter. Press right -> and you see an actor, Paul Bazely-Salaman, talking about his scenes that he has to perform (1:59).

Behind the Scenes:
Stay at the same page and press down and you get see the title, LAST SAIL, FIRST VOYAGE, and press right ->. Again you see an actor telling that he could not sleep because of the "Zombie" at his doorstep making a noise. (:47)

Behind the Scenes:
Continuing on, press down and you get to see the feature title, UNDER THE SCENE BRINGING MERMAIDS TO LIFE. Do not hit enter, press right -> and you see Johnny Depp doing his take by jumping off the LightHouse Tower andltTagTEXTcellTincorporating CGI (not shown). (:42)

Behind the Scenes:
Go to setup and press right -> and a crew tells you briefly about the Post Its. (:47)

Behind the Scenes:
On the main page, go to BONUS and press left <- and hit enter. Actor Greg Ellis-Groves talks briefly about how the joke "Do you know who I am?" came about and was incorporated in the movie. (1:09)

Behind the Scenes:
Same thing on the main page of BONUS, press right -> you get to see the clip about "Ship in a Bottle." (1:03)

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