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Camp Rock (2008)
Extended Rock Star Edition (Region: 1)

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Music Video:
From the DVD Main Menu, go to Bonus Features. On the Bonus Features Main Menu, press right on your remote until a guitar pops up. Press enter to watch Demi's Goodbye song.
Reported by: Keri

Behind the Scenes:
On the Main Menu, place your arrow on Play, then go up, and you will see the guitar string tuner on the CAMP ROCK logo slightly highlight. Now press the "enter" or "confirm" button and you can find a sequence of the crew (not including any of the original actors) performing "We Rock."

Bonus Feature:
On the Bonus Features menu, highlight Backstage Disney and hit right. This will reveal a hidden guitar. If you press enter, you will see Demi Lovato singing a song that wasn't in the movie.

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