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National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (2007)
Two-Disc Collector's Edition (Region: 1)

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Behind the Scenes:
From the Main Menu of Disc 2 go to "Bonus Features". Next, continue to the "More" screen. Highlight "Evolution Of A Golden City" and then press your Left button twice. Press your Enter button for behind the scenes look at the final action sequences.

Behind the Scenes:
Disc 2: Highlight "The Book of Secrets on Location" in the "Bonus Features" section. Press your Right button once, folowed by your Up button twice to highlight the idol's eyes. Pressing your Enter button will give you a short clip about the White House Easter Eggs hunt scene from the film.

Behind the Scenes:
In "Bonus Features", highlight "Street Stunts" then press your Left button by your Up button. An idol icon willa ppear. Press your Enter button for clip about the London car chases.

Behind the Scenes:
Enter the 'Deleted Scenes' menu (first special features item) and move down to "Pursuit of Rushmore: The Unseen Chapter". Move left once and then move down once and the platform under the idol will illuminate. Hit button the enter button for a humorous 129 second interview with Nicholas Cage and director Jon Turteltaub.
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