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Arsenal of Megadeth (2006)
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Feature:
While watching Disc 1, the year 1990 will show up. When you see the year 1990 appear on the screen, simply press ENTER on your DVD remote to view Marty Friedman's audition.
Reported by: Raistlin

Behind the Scenes:
To get to the "Trust" behind the scenes, watch the "Trust" video clip. Then about 30 seconds in there is a phone booth. The 'Vic' hand pointer will appear. Press the ENTER button to access the "B-roll."
Reported by: dawnpatrol

Bonus Footage:
Throw on the second DVD and at about 5 minutes and 50 seconds into it, which is during the "Train of Consequences" music video, the Vic hand will appear above a card table. Press ENTER to see the "Train of Consequences" bonus footage.
Reported by: Richard

Behind the Scenes:
While you are playing the "Train of Consequences" clip, there is a scene where there are some old guys playing cards. Then the camera focuses on the chips and when the "bone hand" appears, you press ENTER (or OK) on your remote to view the clip "Making Of."
Reported by: Don Andres

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