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John Cassavetes: Five Films
(Region: 1)

Bonus Feature:
On "A Woman Under The Influence", go to the "Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk" section. There, highlight the "Play" menu entry and then press your Up button to move the highlight to the right of the menu entry. Press your Enter button now and you'll be treated to a brief excerpt of Peter Falk reading a letter to Gena from a fellow director describing the influence Cassavetes had on his own film career.
Reported by: Kevin Loy

Original Trailer:
On the second disc of "The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie", which contains the 1978 revision as well as the special features, go to the "About The Versions" section. There you will see a brief note about why two different versions were released, with a picture in the background. On this screen, highlight the "Main Menu" entry and then press your Down button. The bottle in the photograph will now be highlighted and if you press your Enter button now you will get to see the a trailer for the movie.
Reported by: Kevin Loy

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