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Grey Gardens (1976)
(Region: 1)

1. After the end credits of the movie, there is a chapter of just color bars (Chapter 25).

2. Fast forward through the color bars, and eventually the start to dissolve into a black and white photograph of "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale.

3. Rewind slightly and you will hear the beginning of a phone interview between "Little Edie" and one of the film makers, Albert Maysles.

4. The interview runs about 5 minutes and you will see older stills of "Little Edie" (some with the Maysles brothers) while you listen.

The interview refers to the 2000 Presidential Election and Edie talks about Gore losing. Since the disc was released in 2001, and Little Edie died early in 2002, the interview must have taken place that year.

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